Featured Project

Flat Iron Crossing Mall

Project Location:
Broomfield, CO

Scope Of Work

Interior space demolition, slab removal, and excavation of dirt.

Due to the size and difficulty of this project, others "walked off" the project after realizing the complex nature and difficulty of the required tasks.

After the demolition and removal of the interior soft materials, we cut the slab into large sections and used a small reach-fork and skid-steers to remove the pieces to outside and load into trucks for recycling. Once the slab was gone, we then needed to excavate and dispose of the lime treated soil to a depth of 5 or 6 feet. Lime treated soil is very hard dirt, hard enough to cause others to give up only because of the hard dirt. It is well known that Russ T. Diamonds, Inc. is very experienced with hard materials and difficult projects, so we were immediately called upon to rescue this project and get it back on schedule. After realizing the dirt was a bit more than "just dirt", we changed gears quickly and brought in skid-steers with breakers/hammers to break up the dirt, just as if it were concrete, we also brought in a large tracked loader to haul the dirt outside and load it into dump-trucks for proper disposal.

The use of the breakers/hammers used by very capable employees made the process much faster.

The tracked loader provided the maneuverability needed to work around walls and support columns in some very tight areas, while at the same time providing a very high level of productivity to get the project back on schedule.

The project was a success, and typically, everyone was impressed. Russ T. Diamonds, Inc. was awarded the next 2 phases of this project that required the same tasks in other areas of the mall complex.

The quick thinking, proper planning, and dedication of the Russ T. Diamonds, Inc. team, as well as the ability to mobilize quickly, adjust to difficult conditions, and the will to complete whatever task we are given, contributed to the success of this project.

Russ T. Diamonds, Inc. is solely responsible for bringing this project back from the edge of a costly failure.

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