Featured Project

I-70 Sink Hole, Vail

Project Location:
Vail, CO

Scope Of Work

In 2003 a large sink hole developed on Interstate 70 just outside of Vail. This caused the interstate to be shutdown in both directions for several days, causing a traffic nightmare and ruining the plans of many travelers. The highway needed repaired, fast.

Russ T. Diamonds, Inc. was called upon to perform the cutting needed to create "clean" edges for the new sections to join the old undamaged sections. We were also requested to cut several other areas of the interstate to aid the construction of temporary roads and paths for the repair crews and equipment, and eventually regular traffic. Within a short period, the interstate was reopened. Russ T. Diamonds, Inc. was awarded several other portions of cutting on this section of highway after this portion was reopened.

As usual, Russ T. Diamond, Inc. quietly did our part to aid a larger cause.